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Project Kaffee2013 Deutschland

Project Kaffee13 Deutschland is a vital tool for any business wanting to gain an incredibly in-depth understanding of the German out-of-home coffee chain market.


Key areas covered in the report include

  • Market size and growth projections for the total German out-of-home coffee chain market
  • Key success factors and market trends
  • Analysis of trading environment and operator performance
  • Key player profiles, including financial performance, pricing analysis and forecasts
  • Importance of ethical and sustainability issues
  • Opportunities and challenges for suppliers
  • Consumer coffee consumption patterns and shopping behaviour
  • Consumer brand awareness and perceptions of key players
  • Differences between customer demographics, including age, gender and location

Date of Publication

30 January 2013

Source of information

  • Face-to-face and telephone interviews with industry experts: 115 online and telephone interviews with CEOs, managing directors, senior managers and store managers of major industry players
  • German Coffee & Beverage Drinking Consumer Research: 3,381 online surveys with German coffee venue visitors
  • Desk research including: news articles and trade press, the Internet and company websites, industry associations, published accounts, data supplied by operators
  • In-store observations and analysis

Formats available

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